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Highcliffe Hawks Youth Football Club Playing Time Policy

Highcliffe Hawks youth FC is committed to providing youth and mini football opportunities for children promoting the spirit of teamwork, activity, fun and community involvement. The club retains a philosophy of inclusivity and fairness with the ultimate aim of improving and developing football at all levels and ability. 

The club therefore has a standard for all mini football from u6 through to u11 that children selected for matches should be able to take part irrespective of their ability that enables them to have at least where possible 50% playing time per match as a minimum. Managers have the discretion not to select players for non-competitive matches where it has been identified that their progressive development maybe compromised by direct involvement in matches. 
The club retains an ethos of sportsmanship and expects all managers to provide role model leadership in terms of behaviour towards any opposition management, teams, supporters and officials. 
For U12 age group and above, and cup competitions (any age group) as results can be published, Managers may choose to select players based on ability. If a Manager chooses this selection policy then parents need to be informed on signing the player(s) for the respective season. Depending on the number of Club teams within the age groups, appropriate grading should take place placing players in teams that suit their ability.

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